2018 – Swiss Transnational ParticipaTIC Meeting








On October 11 & 12, 2018 the partners of ParticipaTIC met in Geneva in the premises of the Clairbois Foundation. They were welcome by The Director General Mr Pierre Coucourde and Mr Sylvain Romagny the Director of the Minoteries Clairbois foundation Centre. This Swiss seminar was the occasion to make progress on several key points, bearing in mind the date for finalizing the platform’s content rapidly draws ever closer….




Since the last meeting….


A degree of uniformity between the structure of the modules is being introduced. This will allow the learners to find their way around the platform with greater ease. User tests have been carried out by LOUSTIC and a summary of results has been prepared. In parallel other user tests have been carried out by different project partners. Lastly, a second phase of technical corrections have been finalized by our developer IT Login.


The methodological guide


In parallel with the platform, this guide represents a second major deliverable of the project. Agreement was reach to follow the ADDIE model (Analyse-Design-Development-Implementation–Evaluation) in order to describe the different phases with respect to the platform and the different training modules. Each dimension of the model will be treated in relation to different aspects: pedagogical, technical, financial, and stakeholders to be associated to the project. These will be treated concurrently.


The targeted audience for the guide is made up of ‘autorepresentatives’, representatives of disabled people, non-professionals from the training domain. It will be drafted in simple language, and will always attempt to be as accessible as possible, in both digital and paper versions; graphic design format will be proposed by the Head of Event Communication at the Catholic University of Lille.


Lastly the “Guide for accessibility” will split off from the Methodological Guide, as through its content, this could be useful and relevant for other projects beyond distant learning.


Dissemination Events


These will take place at the Human Sciences Centre in Saint-Denis, Paris area.  We very much regret to announce that the number of places for wheelchair users, will be somewhat limited. Unfortunately no other larger flat auditorium was available at the beginning of June for our chosen dates. Discussion has led to the following conclusions: a) The importance of ensuring that the project will be sustainable beyond the event of its launching. A pre-programme will be released and disseminated in early January 2019. In connection with the dissemination, a new version of our  ‘postcard’ to promote the event will be sent  out. This will soon be on our website!



The ParticipaTIC Platform


Last-minute improvements were made to the home page of the platform, the enrollment form and the platform itself. To facilitate use of the platform a minute-long video will appear on opening the home page participatic.org. In order to stimulate enrollments the video will put forward the idea that it is also possible to get training while receiving guidance from another.


In general the courses will be presented in simple easy-to-understand language. After discussion, agreement has been reached on the idea of introducing each module with a short summary of the training module contents to be found on the platform. Thus the following design configuration will be adopted: Introduction + Summary (overview) + Course + Conclusion.


It was agreed that all the partners should have finalized their module by the New Year thus allowing a full translation of the platform and its content in Romanian.


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